1. More than 1,000 workers needed for high-paying mining jobs right across Australia. Click here to read more.

(Source: Daily Mail) 



2. Is COVID-19 going to speed up the automation of mining? Click here.

The report quotes, Metso’s Chief Digital Officer, Jani Puroranta. She is quoted in the story, “Today, minerals processing plants require constant daily intervention by humans to adapt to changes in plant feed, disturbances in operating conditions, and degrading equipment health. These plants can easily employ hundreds of people whose daily job is to monitor the process and the plant, and to take care of maintenance activities. At a fully autonomous plant, such an army of people would not be necessary or at least their role would be very different. Between the two extremes, clearly there must be levels of increasing autonomy.” 


(Source: IM International Mining)


3. Coronavirus threat prompts mining companies to implement new procedures to avoid outbreaks. Click here to read the story. (Source: ABC news) 

4. Coronavirus Fallout Reaches Some of the World’s Remotest Mines. Click here to read more.

(Source: Wall Street Journal) 

5. South African Mining Sector Braces for Coronavirus Lockdown. Click here for the

(Source: Voice of America)

6. Australia’s iron ore giants push workers to stay at mine sites to escape coronavirus. Click here to read more.

(Source: Reuters) 

7. Queensland miners fear Fifo workers could pose a threat during coronavirus pandemic. Click here to know more.

(Source: Guardian)

A nice human interest story to end with, in case you are wondering how to deal with self isolation!

8. This Man Was Trapped Down A Mine For 69 Days. Here’s What He Has To Say About Isolation. Click here to read more. (Source: Buzzfeed) 

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