Social media communication at the time of a crisis isn’t easy.

It is often about informing stakeholders what the company is doing about the crisis, how responsive the teams are and then bringing these stories to life with content: pictures, videos and snapshots of people on the ground – making a difference. The messaging has to be sensitive, responsive yet positive too.

BHP – is doing all this and more with its Facebook channel.

In one of the stories published on Facebook and the website, BHP’s Group HSE Officer Rob Telford says, “The nature of mining and petroleum operations is such that many of our people don’t have the opportunity to work from home, but with the controls we’re implementing we are confident that our workplaces are safe.” There is a detailed list of measure being taken by the company on website. You can read the full story here.

There is also an inspiring story about how Ms. Kadee Hill, who works for the company in Moranbah, Australia, did her bit to support the local school when stocks of hygiene products were running low. If corporate story telling is about anything – it ought to be about everyday heroes like Ms. Hill, who is mobilising resources in times of need. Kudos to her and the communication team that brought her story to life.

(Source: BHP via

Rio Tinto’s communication strategy has similarly focussed on showcasing precautions being taken in the offices and on site. They’ve also put out up a post about how they’re making hand sanitisers. That post received 223 likes week ended 27 march 2020. The story has been brought to life by nice photos and some writing too. We at Commuro Digital, also liked the post about the ‘Spencer Step’ – something that an apprentice James Spencer thought up. Well done, James.

(Source: Rio Tinto via

At Glencore Facebook, images of how precautions are being taken on site were put up. The pictures seem to suggest that staff are washing hands, checking body temperature and practicing social distancing.  

(Source: Glencore on

Almost all mining companies – big and small – have released some communication during this difficult period.

Often filling the silences of a crisis with stories of inspiration can be hard – sometimes our teams don’t feel ready, we’re preoccupied with saving lives or we just can’t find the strength to do it.

But – we at Commuro Digital at least, believe that our stories really are all we have – and this belief is never more relevant than during a crisis. We leave you with that thought and also hope you are keeping well.

(If you’d like to contribute in anyway – or you’d like us to tell your stories – reports, good news articles, video communication, internal or external or just chat about strategy – please do get in touch. We’d love to speak to you!

(Week ended 27 March 2020) 

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