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This report tracks the social media communication by some of the biggest mining companies. This week, unsurprisingly, most companies have focussed their communication on COVID-19. Posts are generally about measures companies are taking to protect employees and communities. In this week’s report, we analyse the social media communication being published online by 03 mining companies: BHP, Rio Tinto and Vale.

Let’s first look at BHP.

BHP’s Social media communication

An infographic about travel and keeping employees safe has been liked more than 200 times on their Facebook page. It is the top performing post that links to an article from last week about all the measures the company is taking to reduce COVI-19 risks.

Source: BHP’s Facebook page

This video has also been getting good traffic. It is available across BHP’s social media channels.

Source: BHP’s Youtube channel

There’s also a post on Linkedin showing BHP team members maintaining social distancing while flying.

The post links to an article that quotes Mr. Daniel Malchuk. “We know that the nature of our activity does not allow all of our work to be done remotely. However, we continue to be focused on mitigating the virus transmission risk at offices and operations. We believe that it is compatible to manage this crisis and keep operational continuity. We are convinced that our activity has a multiplying effect at jobs and that supports our communities,” President Operations of Minerals Americas, Daniel Malchuk, said.

BHP’s Twitter account has this post about hiring 55 new trainees.

We also liked Frank’s little message here – a simply edited video of him talking about all the steps you can take to protect yourself:

Channel Posts Traction
Facebook071500+ reactions
Twitter0794 likes
LinkedIn084872 reactions,
45k+ views for video
YouTube03600+ views
Total posts21
21 posts on social media channels week ended 02 April 2020

This just in…last moment entry on Linkedin:

In case you missed it…

This post from last week got the company 1720 likes in Linkedin.. it shows CEO Mike Henry visiting Peak Downs mine in Queensland.


A post that caught our eye was this one on Rio Tinto’s Twitter feed:

What do the care packages look like? Rio Tinto’s Facebook page has some nice photographs. The post has attracted over 200 likes.

Also on Rio Tinto’s Twitter page is a reminder that the company was set up 147 years ago!

The same film – a series of photographs with some powerful messaging has been published on YouTube as well. Watch here:

On Linkedin, this video received over 11,000 views and 668 reactions.

Another tweet from earlier in the week caught our attention, on Twitter the post received 34 likes.

The post with most number of likes on the Facebook page is this one. It received over 500 likes:

Channel PostsTraction
Facebook051300+ reactions
Twitter0482 likes
Linkedin052368 reactions
Youtube01100 views*
Total 15 posts
*Interestingly, the same video received 12,000+ views on Linkedin and only 100+ on Youtube

Vale’s Social Media Communication:

This post has received probably the most likes on Facebook on Vale’s page and indeed on the Facebook pages of any other company mentioned here. 4.2k likes and hearts! Well done.

This post by Vale also attracted over 3000 likes and hearts:

On Twitter, Vale posted a picture showing a planeload of test kits landing at the airport:

Unsurprisingly, on Linkedin, the video that shows a planeload of test kits landing on the airport – has received maximum number of views: 120,000+ views.

Facebook027000+ reactions
Twitter0621 likes
Linkedin057800+ reactions
120,000 + video views
Total 13 posts
LinkedIn video is clearly working really well for Vale


  1. Linkedin video (even roughly produced) is great for traction – it gets the maximum number of views.
  2. Posts about helping the country during a crisis do extremely well. (See post about Vale’s test kits).
  3. Posts about mining companies helping the local community in any way also do well. (Usually video material showing the community help, rather than just a monetary figure).
  4. Posts about an employee/ employee’s child doing fun things – don’t perform as well as we’d like!
  5. Posts that involve clicking somewhere for more information – don’t perform well at all.

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