Codelco’s El Teniente Division worked closely with residents of Villa Los Cipreses in the town of Coya to develop protective masks that will be distributed among councils in the neighbourhood and the most vulnerable community in the town.

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How to support the community while it is facing its harshest challenge due to COVID-19? That was something that Gloria López Correa, president of the neighbourhood council of Los Cipreses de Coya was asking herself. “We wanted to help with what we know, which is sewing,” she said, and with the support of El Teniente they made a thousand masks that were distributed in town.

She said that “the idea is to help the elderly and people who cannot buy one. Since they are scarce, we want to collaborate with the people to combat the pandemic and contribute to our neighbors.”

“The residents of La Villa Los Cipreses obtained, through competitive funds, sewing machines and training. They wanted to be part of what the country is living through and to give back by making these masks. They take time to contribute to the community, to the firefighters, health center and most vulnerable neighbours, “explains the director of Community Development of El Teniente, Cristián Sanhueza.

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Other companies also delivered materials for making the masks.

“This is an example of teamwork valued by our neighbours,” says Sanhueza. Gloria López explains that “The masks are made with a fabric called TNT, made of rigid material and that helps people who use them to protect themselves and take care of others.”

The seamstresses are making 200 units a day and the goal is to reach a total of a thousand.

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