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Moscow — MMC Norilsk Nickel has allocated RUB 10.5 billion to combat coronavirus (COVID-19) and help maintaining social stability in the regions of its operations. The money will be used to purchase medical equipment, medicines and personal protective gear for local healthcare institutions, the Company’s operating sites and employees, as well as to provide additional support for the Company employees and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) located in Nornickel’s regions of operation.

In order to prepare for the potential spread of the COVID-19 pandemic to the cities of Nornickel’s operations, the Company has purchased medicines and medical equipment for treating the coronavirus, including diagnostics, emergency care, and treatment in the ICU as well as purchased equipment required for reprofiling of the existing healthcare facilities.

Nornickel is purchasing medical supplies, including ventilators and both express and laboratory testing equipment, to meet the needs of the local healthcare facilities. Two stationary laboratories and five mobile laboratories to test for the coronavirus infection are scheduled for a rollout in the Norilsk industrial region and on the Kola Peninsula.

The company posted a lovely video of Anna Tomaševskoj from Norilsk

Measures have also been taken to increase hospitals’ capacity. In Norilsk, the number of beds in the city’s hospital infectious disease ward has more than doubled from 45 to 100, whereas in the worst case eventuality this number can quickly be increased to 1,000.

Nornickel President Vladimir Potanin said: “Nornickel has approached this crisis with a sufficient margin of safety to maximize protection for our workers and all residents in the cities hosting the Company’s enterprises, to support SMEs, and to help the local administrations. I am confident that together with our employees, local people in the cities where we operate, and the nation as a whole, we will be able to step up to this challenge.”

Read full press release here.

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