Metalsearch Limited (ASX: MSE, “Metalsearch” or “the Company”) recently announced it had
secured an exclusive global licensing agreement from The University of Queensland’s
technology transfer company UniQuest (UQ), for the manufacturing (synthesising) of zeolites.1
As the technology presents strong global application potential and the Company’s recent
progression towards end user marketing, UniQuest has decided to proceed with the first phase
of international patent protection.

MSE is pleased to announce that UniQuest has filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty
(“PCT”) to protect and commercialise the intellectual property associated with mineral
processing technology for the manufacturing (synthesising) of zeolites (“IP”).
The Patent Cooperation Treaty enables UniQuest to seek patent protection internationally for
the novel mineral processing technology that has been licensed to the Company. By filing
PCT, an applicant can subsequently seek patent protection in over 150 countries.

MSE has requested UniQuest to undertake additional protection outside PCT jurisdictions and
UniQuest is in the process of also filing a patent application in Taiwan.
UQ has developed a novel approach to the production of synthetic zeolites – manufactured
minerals which are widely used in detergent and wastewater treatment applications. The 2019
global synthetic zeolite market was estimated at USD $5.64 billion.

MSE’s ongoing research and development agreement with UQ’s School of Chemical
Engineering provides resources to accelerate technical delivery, and the Company looks
forward to updating shareholders on the future commercialisation strategy and developments.

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