China unveils its 5g network for mining

A ceremony was held recently at the Coal Mining Forum in Beijing. On the agenda: the release of the world’s first 5G network system for use in mining. It has been independently developed by Shandong Energy Group, according to a company press release. The company described it as the entry of fourth technological revolution into China’s coal industry.

Li Xiyong, Secretary of CPC Shandong Energy Group Committee and Chairman of Shandong Energy Group said that this was ‘intelligent mining’. He stressed that Shandong Energy has always tried to build their systems to a mining-centric development concept and promoted digitalisation, networking and intelligent construction.

A company press release claimed that China’s independently developed the world’s first set of reliable mine-use 5G network systems and that these have been granted a national safety certificate. What’s next? Shandong Energy will now focus on digitalisation, product innovation and making intelligent systems – everything that makes mining better with great technology. 

Shandong Energy, according to its company press release will now strengthen strategic cooperation with high-tech companies, academician teams, universities and research and development institutes.

A report in the South China Morning Post, said that the that next-generation mobile system delivers faster data transmission inside the mine – reaching less than 20 milliseconds, compared with 3 to 4 seconds on 4G (this according to a report over the weekend by state broadcaster China Central Television or CCTV).

The CCTV report also described the coal mine’s privately built 5G network as “explosion-proof”, compared with the general 5G set-up offered by telecommunications network operators to some coal mining operations. It said the Baodian 5G infrastructure was specifically implemented to resist line failure caused by changes in the underground environment and electromagnetic interference from various electrical equipment used inside the coal mine.

Wang Guofa an academic said at the ceremony said that the application of 5G technology in coal mining can greatly improve the visualisation of coal mining data, the transparency of the mining process, the ‘intelligent’ use of mining equipment. This will also lead to a reduction of workers at a mining site.

Based on the system, we will definitely promote safe production in our coal mines.

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