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Mining Needs Great Communication

For several centuries – the mining sector has used an old adage – out of sight is out of mind. For many companies, remaining out of the public eye, seemed like a sensible thing to do.

Not anymore.

Mining is being scrutinised – from everyone and everywhere. All stakeholders look to the industry for rapid and historic change.

For legacy reasons the industry already has a difficult reputation. But what’s made the situation urgent is the current conversation around climate change, societal responsibilities, governance, diversity and regulation.

Companies across markets understand and accept this and many have shown admirable leadership in transforming not just their operations but driving change in the industry as a whole.

We at Commuro Digital celebrate these achievements and want to be the partner of choice for a sector that needs great story telling – about technology, sustainability and most importantly about – the people leading and living the change.

These are historic times for the sector and we want to tell those stories.

As a London-based multimedia agency we are poised to offer you the very best there is in mining communication. From strategy solutions to your communication needs, to content creation and distribution – we’ve got it covered.

A note about the founder: Rahul Joglekar, has a communication background. He was a journalist for the BBC for over 12 years. He understands the power of pictures, great stories and effective storytelling. He’s also worked for Anglo American and a few other companies before setting up Commuro Digital – and this blog about, well, Making Mining Better. 

He works with a team of journalists, designers, editors, video specialists and others. 

Please get in touch! admin@melantra.co.uk